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Alexandria University Cancer Research Cluster
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Alexandria University Cancer Research Cluster
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Alexandria University Cancer Research Cluster
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Alexandria University Cancer Research Cluster

Research Clusters, in concept, represent a structural framework for research settings. They are powerful centers of creativity in which teams of researchers from a wide range of disciplines collaborate across traditional boundaries to bring research knowledge to bear on issues of intellectual, scientific and cultural importance. A research cluster is formed of a number of research groups. Each research group conducts one or more research programs.

The Alexandria University Cancer Research Cluster (CERC) is the first "prototype" research cluster in Egypt. It was conceptualized to transfer the operational model of an international research organization to Alexandria University, in terms of its scientific and administrative structure, as well as its operating procedures.

We established the Cluster in 2010. However, it is not correct to say that CERC was established to house research on cancer. CERC, in fact, emerged around a developing research program on cancer and then, as our research portfolio expanded, our research network widened nationally and internationally, the need for a structural framework was identified. We proposed to transfer the operational model of an international cancer research organization, adopting the scientific and administrative structure so we could create a suitable background environment for our work

What Special In CERC

CERC LOGO showing our motto : Benedictus Patrio Ad Aeternum
(Bless my homeland for ever)

icon first "prototype" research cluster in Egypt

Other specialty-specific research teams can copy our model.

icon Wide National & International Network

A national collaborative network for cancer research with regional and international expansion.

icon Created a Training Model for Young Researchers

Our research trainees learn "on the job" how to become independent researchers.

icon Fun and friendly work environment

It's a party everyday at CERC.

High Institute of Public Health, 165 Elhorreya Road, Alexandria
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+2 03 4288436

Meet Our Doctors

Noha is an oncologist and cancer epidemiologist with MPH from University of Manchester, PhD from University of Leeds, UK.
Dr. Noha Awad
Executive Director
Prof. Amr Abdelaziz Elsaid
Dr. Mohamed Farouk
Dr. Yasmine Amr Issa
Dr. Ingy Elghitany
Dr. Heba Elsheikh
Dr. Mahmoud Raafat

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